The Gift is the 11th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Plot summary

Flogg finds a crack in the shield around Primus, but his troops' Shuttle Pods are intercepted by the Galactic Guardians in Astrosubs. Back at Nordor, Skeletor is awaiting the Mutants with a party hat on, expecting a victory to celebrate. Flogg reveals the attack was a failure and Skeletor tells him he has another plan, and appeals to Flogg's ego by telling it's technically his plan because he told Skeletor about the robot factory in Gorn City.

Later, at Primus, Adam and Master Sebrian talk about a recent call from the Mutants. Adam distrusts it, but Sebrian addresses that the Mutants wanting to talk may be a good sign. Sebrian communicates with Flogg, who tells the conflict has been for too long and with too much losses and wants to give Zeps as a goodwill gift and a symbol of peace.

He-Man, the Galactic Guardians and armed forces accompany Sebrian to the arrival of a robot who brings the Zeps. Drissi pets one Zep but finds she cannot use her powers to communicate with him. Sebrian dismisses her and He-Man's worries as they need to trust or they will never reach peace.

In just a few days, there are Zeps throughout all of Primus, while there's a cease fire between Primus and Denebria. Sebrian and Flogg talk about a future meeting between the last one and Primus' inner council, but right after the communication finishes, Skeletor and Flogg activate a control that turns all Zeps in Primus into huge beasts that attack the Primans. He-Man goes to save Caz and by slashing a Zep with the Power Sword, he finds the Zeps are androids. He-Man destroys more Zeps and escapes with Caz.

No matter how many Zeps are destroyed, Primus is full of them. Master Sebrian takes the key that can deactivate the shield around Primus and gives it to He-Man, sending him and Mara away as the last hope of Primus.


Caz and Drissi find a Zep and Caz tries to pet it. It turns into its monstrous form, but He-Man saves Caz and Drissi. He-Man and Drissi tell to not pet unknown animals.


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