The Hive

The Hive is a vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Hive is the name of a giant colony ship filled with Bee People. It was forced to seek out a new hope after the Bee People's own planet was destroyed owing to its sun going supernova.

Several Scoutcraft were launched to seek out a new planet to settle on, including Scout 3 piloted by Sweet Bee. She considered the planet Etheria to have excellent colonization potential and told her contact, Drone 7, to head for Etheria. But Hordak shot down the spacecraft and, learning that a colony of 10.000 Bee People was on its way, planned to enslave them all.

Thanks to the help of She-Ra and He-Man, Sweet Bee managed to return to the Hive aboard her damaged spacecraft in time to warn them not to land on Horde occupied Etheria.

Some time later, Skeletor, Beast Man and Trap Jaw invaded the Hive to force the Bee People to form an army for Skeletor with which he could take on Horde Prime himself. Using Sleep Gas and stun rays, the Evil Warriors easily overcame the peaceful Bee People. Since the Hive lacked any weapons of its own, Trap Jaw began converting the Bee People's tools into weapons. He equipped the Hive with several large force ray guns located in the top of the craft.

Working together, She-Ra, He-Man, Comet Cat, Crystal Sun Dancer and Sweet Bee managed to defeat the Evil Warriors and free the Bee People. This ordeal made Drone 7 and Sweet Bee realize that they were able to fight for their freedom and ready to join the Great Rebellion and build a new home on Etheria.


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