The Last Stand

The Last Stand is the 27th episode of the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

Prince Adam and Cringer are all that stands between Skeletor and Castle Greyskull, reunited with his power sword, he becomes He-Man and faces immeasurable odds. Meanwhile, the Masters are freed from their cell by MossMan, can they reach Greyskull in time to aid He-Man and save Eternia?


The evil warriors appear in the Masters vehicles reunited with Skeletor and his Council of Evil. He tells them that he did all the Masters' capturing for them and mentioned that he returned the amulet to Count Marzo, freed Evilseed, and gathered the others. Meanwhile, the Masters notice a grass appear in their cell.

Prince Adam grabs Skeletor's havoc staff, but Skeletor heats it up with his mind causing Adam to drop it. Skeletor blasts Adam off the cliff and injures Cringer at the same time. Meanwhile, the Sorceress is still falling until she comes to after being rescued by Zodak who builds a forcefield around Castle Grayskull.

Orko wakes Adam up with a rain shower and gives him his power sword. Adam changes into He-Man and appears on the cliff to fight Skeletor. He overtakes Azdar and his two giant companions and some of the Warriors and breaks the vehicles that Evilseed, Webstor, and the evil warriors were in. Count Marzo tells Evil-Lyn that he heard about her talents before using their magic to blast He-Man into the forcefield with the help of Skeletor.

Just then, Moss Man zaps them and appears with the freed Masters and they fight the bad guys. He-Man breaks the Ramstone and Stratos snatches Count Marzo's amulet. Azdar and his companions flee and the others retreat. Zodak and the Sorceress use the magic of the Elders to revert Count Marzo back to the old form that the Elders imprisoned him in and he runs away. Webstor says to Skeletor that he'll stay with him and they retreat on a griffen.

After the battle, Man-At-Arms fills King Randor what happened while he and Queen Marlena were away that the Masters were captured but were freed by Moss Man who was contacted by Zodak. He also tells the king that he will resign due to the incident that happened, but Randor wouldn't allow it and Man-At-Arms agrees to start their own council.

Meanwhile at Snake Mountain, Skeletor is angry about the lost, but he has another plan for taking over Castle Grayskull. At the Eternian prison, Stratos confirms with the others that Kobra Khan freed the evil warriors which led to the conclusion that Kobra Khan and General Rattlor are planning another attempt to free King Hiss and the Snake Men. Back at Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn and Kobra Khan are talking in the mouth of Snake Mountain. He tells and shows her that Skeletor was lying to them and Evil-Lyn agrees to secretly help Kobra Khan free King Hiss and the Snake Men.


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