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The Menace of Multi-Bot!

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The Menace of Multi-Bot!
The Menace of Multi-Bot! is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with the Multi-Bot action figure.


Heroic Warriors
Prince Adam/He-Man, Teela, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Man-At-Arms, Moss Man, Orko
Evil Horde
Hordak, Modulok, Multi-Bot


Hordak orders Modulok to create a new weapon, only to find that he has already created it: Multi-Bot, a robot created in his own image, duplicating his powers. Hordak decides to test Multi-Bot against He-Man.

Multi-Bot attacks the Royal Palace, so Teela and Sy-Klone face him while Prince Adam "tries to find" He-Man. Multi-Bot defeats Teela and Sy-Klone, but He-Man arrives and easily reduces Multi-bot to pieces. At Etheria, Hordak is angry with Modulok's failed invention, until Modulok shows him that Multi-Bot is rebuilding himself and attacks He-Man again while Teela seemingly flees.

He-Man crushes Multi-Bot again, and asks Sy-Klone to bring some magnets while he keeps Multi-Bot busy.Multi-Bot rebuilds himself again and attacks He-Man until Hordak arrives to finish He-Man himself. Then, Multi-Bot attacks Hordak since the traitorus Modulok had programmed him to do so. Hordak destroys Multi-Bot but then notices that Teela didn't have fled, but instead went after the other Heroic Warriors. Sy-Klone also returns with the magnets that He-Man throws at Multi-Bot before any further reassembling. The magnets mess with Multi-Bot's program, who can only follow his secondary program to destroy Hordak. Hordak leaves to Etheria and Multi-Bot follows him.


  • Only appearance of Megabeast (the combined form of Modulok and Multi-Bot), and just as a way to Modulok to introduce Multi-Bot's abilities.

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