The Mines of Mondor is the 24th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Plot Summary


Loo-Kee: "Hi! Did you find where I was hiding? Take another look. Here I am! Today's story was about helping others. She-Ra helped heal a bird whose wing was hurt. That made her feel good. Later the bird helped her, and that made the bird feel good. Maybe there's someone you can help today. Helping others always makes you feel good. Bye now!"

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Great Rebellion


Evil Horde








  • King Duplis says his son has been taken to a planet named 'Kyrtis', but later Queen Angella and all the other characters refers to it as 'Krytis'.
  • When the Rebels arrive at Graydor on the planet Krytis, the beaten up ship that She-Ra will purchase can already be seen in the seaport in the distance. During their voyage, the ship sinks, and they return to the seaport on the backs of giant birds. But when they do, the same ship can once again be seen in the seaport in the background.

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