He-Man: The Power of the Evil Horde! is a read-along book and cassette set published in 1985 by Mattel.


At Snake Mountain, Skeletor receives a strange but familiar feeling. Soon after, Hordak and his Evil Horde allies arrive on Eternia. Prince Adam transforms into He-Man to battle them, but their real goal is to capture Skeletor in order to get revenge for his previous betrayal of the group. They teleport themselves back to the Fright Zone, but to lure He-Man into a trap, Hordak takes Orko prisoner as well

He-Man is convinced to go after the Horde, but doesn't have the means to pursue them until The Sorceress sends him a telepathic message about a special tree that grows in the heart of the Vine Jungle. Its leaves can be used to transport him to Etheria.

Once he finds the tree and enters the Fright Zone, He-Man is immediately attacked by a series of traps and guardians but defeats them all. After also defeating Grizzlor and Hordak, He-Man frees Skeletor and teleports back to Eternia. As soon as they're back Skeletor transports himself back to the safety of Snake Mountain, leaving nothing but his taunting words behind.


  • Unlike most such tie-in merchandise, the book uses the same voice actors and background music as the cartoon series. However, the portrayal of the characters and settings owes more to the toyline than the show, e.g. the Fright Zone is just like its playset incarnation rather than the mechanized fortress depicted in the TV shows. Man-at-Arms is also depicted without a mustache, and Prince Adam makes an excuse to slip away from him and Orko to change, even though they knew his secret identity on the show.
  • When Adam says "By the Power of Grayskull," his voice has already changed to He-Man's. Upon completing his change he also describes himself as "Master of the Universe."


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