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The Problem With Power is the 110th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, produced in 1984.


Skeletor, in his latest scheme to defeat He-Man, resorts to his most insidious resource yet: he manipulates He-Man into believing he has inadvertently killed someone. As He-Man struggles to cope with the consequences of his power and contemplates turning his back on Grayskull, Teela is ambushed by Skeletor's forces and is captured.


  • The advancement of plot details such as He-Man questioning his right to wield such power without consequences, and the Teela/He-Man/Adam relationship gaining a major foothold, ranks it highly amongst fans as being worthy of a series finale be it intentional or not.
  • Originally episode writer Tom Tarantowicz wanted He-Man to actually kill an innocent bystander by accident, however Filmation bosses felt that this idea was far too extreme for a kids cartoon so the plot was adjusted accordingly..

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