The Return of Orko's Uncle is the 23rd episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Douglas Booth and directed by Marsh Lamore. Montork returns to Eternia to help He-Man and Orko defeat a pair of evil wizards.

Although this is the first episode produced featuring Montork, it is in fact a sequel to "Orko's Favorite Uncle," referring to events from that story.


Uncle Montork attempts to arrest an evil wizard called Azrog, but Azrog escapes to Eternia and teams up with a witch called Spydra.

Orko decides to try to make Montork proud of him by tackling Azrog and Spydra on his own, but he is easily defeated and put under a spell to make him act evil.

Montork persuades Orko not to be evil, while He-Man and Teela attend to Azrog and Spydra. It's happy endings all round when Montork returns to Trolla, taking Azrog and Spydra with him.
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Orko tells viewers to appreciate the simpler magic in life, such as rainbows or life itself.

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  • Script was approved May 20, 1983, and final script revision was done May 23, 1983.
  • The interior backgrounds of Spydra's castle were reused for Castle Fear's interiors in "Search for the Past."
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