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The Revenge of Skeletor! is the title of the fourth and last He-Man minicomic. It continues from Battle for the Crystal and finishes the story that sets the characters in the setting of The New Adventures of He-Man.


Galactic Guardians
He-Man, Hydron, Flipshot, Kayo.
Evil Mutants
Skeletor, Flogg, Slushhead, Optikk


Skeletor and Flogg leave the battle from the previous issue on Shuttle Pods. Skeletor wants to impede He-Man from returning the Trifusium Crystal to Titus, but he needs the Terrorclaw for his plan.

Back on Denebria, Kayo tells He-Man they must go back to Primus to return the crystal. As He-Man tells him to take charge of the prisoners Slushhead and Optikk, both mutants and their Terrorclaw are teleported away by a burst of mystic energy. He-Man has a bad feeling and returns with the Galactic Guardians to the Starship Eternia, where Flipshot gets a mayday message from Galactic City, telling that Primus will destruct in an hour and there's no answer from Titus observatory. Organized by He-Man, the Galactic Guardians take their ships, leave Denebria and speed towards the observatory in Titus.

A while before, on Titus, the teleporting brings Slushhead and Optikk with the Terrorclaw, which Skeletor, who magically brought them there, aboards, while Flogg gets out of his Shuttle Pod. The Mutants make short work of the observatory technicians. Slushhead brings Skeletor to the place where he and Optikk took the crystal from. Skeletor sends a mayday message to make He-Man hurry to his trap.

The Starship Eternia lands in Titus. He-Man suspects the message is a trap, but even if it is, he must put the crystal back in its place. He-Man and Kayo are greeted by Flogg driving the Terrorclaw, but he's stopped by Flipshot in the Bolajet, while Hydron uses the Astrosub to follow Slushhead underwater, and Kayo uses good old fists against Optikk. He-Man gets inside the observatory with just a few minutes left, but he's ambushed by Skeletor, who kicks the crystal away. With only sixty more seconds, He-Man manages to say "By the power of Eternia... I have the power!" and punches Skeletor away. He-Man retrieves the crystal with ten seconds left, and returns it to its place, and Skeletor escapes the Galactic Guardians. The Galactic Guardians and the observatory technicians thank He-Man for saving Primus.

Meanwhile, Skeletor mutters "You think you've won, He-Man? Never! My evil deeds are just beginning!" while he drives his Shuttle Pod to Nordor, the moon of Denebria.


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