The Secret of Grayskull is the 104th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

(Ink & Paint DVD booklet summary: Skeletor sends the fiery-spider fireworks towards the Royal Palace, and while the Heroic Warriors deal with this threat, Orko receives scolding from Man-At-Arms causing the little Trollan to leave. Skeletor witnesses Orko's unhappiness and attempts to rid Eternia of his presence forever by disguising himself as a genie and telling him that everyone, including Orko himself, would be better off if he were to return to Trolla. Orko's decision is a tough one, but even after it is made he soon finds himself aiding Skeletor in an attack on Castle Grayskull!)


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Man-At-Arms and Orko tell viewers their parents punish them to teach right from wrong, not because they like it.

Heroic Warriors

Evil Warriors

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The Good Shall Survive Production Order No Job Too Small

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