The Sweet Smell of Victory

The Sweet Smell of Victory is the 23rd episode of the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.


Somewhere on Eternia, a little white, furry, creature with yellow cat-like eyes approaches and enters an old building. By speaking in third person speech, he reveals his name to be Odiphus, and that he is there to steal potions. Before he can grab anything, Mer-Man, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, and Trapjaw arrive. Odiphus hides and as he watches, he comments on how he would like to join Skeletor's minions.

The Horde makes it's way to a purple container and are confronted by He-Man. A battle ensues between the Horde, He-Man, Man-A-Arms, Teela, and Roboto. The battle ends with Roboto damaging the structural integrity and causing the building to collapse. The horde escapes with the container while He-Man holds the roof up until his comrades can escape. After everyone leaves, Odiphus emerges from the rubble and makes his way to Snake Mountain.

In Snake Mountain, Odiphus enters Tri-Klops' lab. Tri-Klops tells him to leave, but is called by Skeletor. When Tri-Klops leaves, Odiphus tries to complete Tri-Klops' experiment, but causes a chemical accident that makes him physically grow to human size, turns his fur black (with some white parts remaining, like a skunk stripe) and gives him a horrible stench. Since Odiphus cannot bear his own stench, he wears an oxygen mask. Odiphus wants to use his new powers to become an Evil Warrior, but is refused by Skeletor.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Stinkor on the 2002 series.


  • Skeletor: "Complete this task successfully and perhaps I'll allow you to join our little family. Interested?
    Odiphus: (ecstatic) "Am I!" (catches himself, regains "evil" composure) "I mean--Odiphus is listening."
  • Skeletor: "And you will scrub until every piece of armor is gleaming."
    Whiplash: "Aww! How come the stinky guy isn't being punished too?"
    Skeletor: "Because unlike the rest of you, Odiphus has proved himself USEFUL!!"
    Stinkor: "'Odiphus'? Who's 'Odiphus'? Call me Stinkor(!)" (blows raspberry)
    Skeletor: (cackles maniacally)

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