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The Terror of Tri-Klops!

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Skeletor hires the mercenary Tri-Klops to kill He-Man. As 'payment', he promises him that they'll rule Eternia together afterwards. He-Man, Teela, Ram-Man and Battle Cat enjoy the sun and the silence. But Skeletor magically lures Battle Cat away from the others and Tri-Klops knocks it out in a cave. The same thing happens to Ram-Man. He-Man and Teela are just about to get 'more intimate' with each other when Tri-Klops attacks them. Teela is immediately struck down. He-Man is blinded by a flash of light from Tri-Klops' eye. But he recovers and beats the mercenary up. Skeletor wants to punish Tri-Klops for losing the fight, but he notices with his 'far vision' and disappears mysteriously.

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