The Wizard is the 52nd episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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Loo-Kee: "Hi! Here's Loo-Kee again. Did you find where I was hiding? If not, take another look. See me now? Here I am! In today's adventure, Broom and Kowl ran away. That was wrong, but they did something even worse; they ran away with a stranger! I'm sure you've been told about the dangers of getting into cars, or going away with people you don't know. Never, never do it! Bye now!"

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Great Rebellion


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  • This story features two characters that were being developed as possible action figures at the time of the episode's production. Acrobad was based on a toy prototype by Mattel that never made it into production. Colonel Blast did become an action figure after being redesigned to be a cowboy-themed Heroic Warrior Rio Blast.
  • Madame Razz, aided by Sprag and Sprocker uses the same spell to locate her missing friends she used in the episode Beast Island and the animation of the three of them is reused, albeit with a different background.
  • When the rebels are back at the camp, Broom's lower half is not drawn underneath the table they are sitting at.

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