Tick Tock are characters who appear in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Tick Tock are natives of the planet Omiros. They are a magical creature with a human appearance, though they have two heads and four arms. Each head has a separate personality, and they often complete each other's sentences.

When Tick Tock met He-Man, Orko, and Battle Cat, they mistook them for demons, but He-Man convinced them to help find the Gronk, which had Orko's magic in it. Tick Tock told him that it had fallen into the hands of Zalt, a wizard who was using the Gronk's powers for his own evil purposes.

Tick Tock sent them on a bubble ride to Castle Ekel, where Zalt lived. He-Man, Orko, and Battle Cat succeeded in finding the Gronk and escaping Zalt, and used the bubble to return to Tick Tock's place with Zalt in hot pursuit. Tick Tock got a little scared when they saw Zalt coming and teleported to the top of a tree. Zalt tried to attack He-Man with his magic, but He-Man deflected it back at him, causing Zalt to leap out of the way in fear. He landed on Tick Tock, but it was Tick Tock who ended up on top of Zalt and captured him.

With the dimensional gate about to close, He-Man, Orko, and Battle Cat ran to the gate, but the Gronk got loose and Orko went after it. He-Man tried to stop him, but the gate faded away. Though they seemed to be trapped on Omiros, Tick Tock had studied the dimensional portal and tried to to recreate it with their magic. Their first attempt created a small thin line of a gate; their second attempt created a pretzel-shaped gate. He-Man then suggested that Tick Tock try using the power in the Gronk, which allowed them to succeed. He-Man thanked them for their help and returned home with his friends.


  • A creature that looked like Tick Tock made an appearance in "The Heart of a Giant" as part of the Keeper's menagerie. This creature, however, did not speak or demonstrate any magical ability.


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