The Tour Guide is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Tour Guide lived and worked in Eternos, near the Royal Palace of Eternia. The guide was especially knowledgable about the history of the Royal Family of Eternia and would often include a visit to the Hall of Kings during his tours.

While explaining the history of Eternia's many Kings, a young boy was intrigued by the portrait of the former King Miro. As the guide recounted how the good King had been lost for many years after being captured by the Enchantress, an older man in a big fancy hat entered the conversation and began critizising King Miro. When both the guide and the young boy took offence to such words being spoken about a former King of Eternia, the older man revealed himself to be none other than King Miro himself.

The Tour Guide appeared to be on speaking terms with members of the Royal Family, for King Miro asked the guide to make arrange that Prince Adam met with Miro in the Royal Courtyard.


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