The Toy Maker is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The Toy Maker is a traveling magician who, as his name suggests, specializes in creating deadly toys. After a period of absence from Eternia, he visited Snake Mountain to offer his services to Skeletor, who agreed to hire him if he could capture Man-At-Arms. The Toy Maker ran into Orko in the wilderness, befriended him with flattery, and gave him a toy soldier, dinosaur, and teddy bear to take back to the Royal Palace. At night, the three toys grew to giant size and carried Man-At-Arms through the Valley of Echoes to Snake Mountain. Instead of hiring the Toy Maker, Skeletor used a mind control spell on him to learn the magic words that controlled his toys. He sent the toys to capture He-Man, but Orko learned how to control the toys with a spell of his own and used them to rescue Man-At-Arms. The Toy Maker merged his toys to create a flying mount and tried to quietly leave Snake Mountain, but Orko caused the toy-mount to disappear. He-Man then took the Toy Maker into custody so he could be turned over to the authorities.


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