Trouble in Trolla is the 77th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Larry DiTillio and directed by Ernie Schmidt.


In the throneroom of the Royal Palace, Orko demonstrates a magic trick in which he will make Prince Adam disappear; but instead he causes everyone except Adam to disappear until he figures out the problem. King Randor decides that there's been enough magic for one day, but Orko's magic pyramid materializes, bringing Dree Elle on a visit from Trolla. Dree Elle tells Orko the news that his uncle Montork was replaced as head of the Academy of Magic by a young wizard named Snoob. Orko cannot believe Montork could be defeated, and resolves to go back with Dree Elle to help.

Adam wants to help too, and decides to ask the Sorceress to send himself and Cringer through one a magic gate. At Castle Grayskull, Cringer refuses to go on the journey to Trolla, so Adam transforms himself to He-Man and Cringer into the more willing Battle Cat.

In Trolla, Orko and Dree Elle visit Montork and Gark and hear the story of how he lost a magical contest to Snoob when his power suddenly seemed to drain away. The Crimson Council agreed with Snoob's charge that Montork was too old to head the academy, and allowed Snoob to take his place. Orko confronts Snoob but doesn't get any answers, so he and Dree Elle sneak into his home and find him teach Trollan magic to Whiplash, who wants to improve his standing in Skeletor's eyes. Orko threatens to expose this collusion but Whiplash gets the better of him and has his Kroom soldiers capture Dree Elle. Outside Snoob's home, Gark watches helplessly as Orko and Dree Elle are carried away by the Krooms on the back of their Gek. Gark tells Montork what happened just as He-Man and Battle Cat arrive to help.

Once Orko and Dree Elle are secured in the Kroom fortress, Whiplash reveals his role in sabotaging Montork's powers to get Snoob appointed as head of the academy, because he knew it would be easier to bully Snoob into helping him. When Snoob hears this, he realizes that he's made a terrible mistake associating with Whiplash. Orko implores Snoob to do the right thing, but Whiplash and the Krooms make short work of him.

He-Man, Battle Cat, and Montork storm the Kroom fortress, distracting Whiplash from his three prisoners. Orko frees himself and Dree Elle, and then reluctantly gives Snoob a chance to redeem himself. He-Man and Battle Cat take care of the Krooms while Montork looks for the Trollans. Whiplash runs away to unleash a Scarg to attack He-Man, but Orko, Dree Elle, and Snoob find him first. Snoob and Orko's individual attacks are useless against the Scarg, but Montork has the experience to know that they must use a combined magic attack to defeat it. Together, the three wizards shrink the Scarg until it is no longer a threat. He-Man and the Trollans then finish off Whiplash and lock him in a chest for the trip back to Eternia.

Roast gooble

Roast gooble?

Later, at Montork's house, Snoob offers his apologies to Montork. Orko is hard-hearted but finally agrees to forgive Snoob. He-Man reminds Orko that they'll need to return to Eternia, but at Montork's urging he decides they may as well stay for a feast of roast gooble.


Orko explains that Snoob learned that when young people and older people work together, they can accomplish a lot.

Heroic Warriors


Evil Warriors



(Queen Marlena appears in this episode but does not receive any dialogue.)

Orko's Fun Facts

As featured in BCI's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season Two, Vol. 1 DVD boxset (Disc 2)

  • "The Crimson Council, who appear in Montork's flashback were introduced to the Trollan mythos in this episode by Larry DiTillio. When he came to write the She-Ra episode 'The Greatest Magic,' which featured Trolla, he made sure to bring back the Crimson Council, giving them speaking parts."
  • "The creatures that the Krooms fly on are called Geks."
  • "The Scarg was originally used in the Season One episode 'The Witch and The Warrior' as a Sand Devil."
  • "In the script, after the Trollans are cheering for the forthcoming Roast Gooble, Battle Cat turns to He-Man and asks 'Roast Gooble?'"


  • Every time Uncle Montork turns his head, his beard doesn't turn with it, but remains hanging from the front.
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