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Ty-Grrr is a late classic Masters of the Universe character, which changes from Meteorb to tiger. While a meteorb, Ty-Grrr resembles a yellow egg with tiger stripes. In order for him to transform, the two halves of the egg-shaped shell must come off so that the body inside can be expanded into shape. The shell is then reattached to the sides of the tiger body.

Ty-Grrr's entry in the United States Patent and Trademark Office describes the figure as "toy animal shape which transforms into egg-shaped container and vice versa". The trademark was first used commercially on May 16, 1986, and was canceled on August 9, 1993.

The action figure did not come with a minicomic. Ty-Grrr appears in the Star comic Falling stars as one of the meteorbs accompanying Stonedar on his mission to rescue Rokkon.

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