The Tycons are an ancient species of winged bug-men. They are green with black eyes and wear red clothes. Tycons'main concern is food and they mostly take it from others.


The Good Shall Survive
In The Good Shall Survive, the last of the Tycons are reawakened and eat all of the Bee People's honey, and Skeletor tries to lead them into creating a famine across all of Eternia. The leader of the Tycons is named Tycor.


Tycons raid Bird People village
The Tycons appear in issue #7 of the third MVCreations volume. In a flashback of Stratos' childhood, they raid the Bird People's villages in search for food, and when they reach the one of Stratos' parents, they kill them, with only Stratos and Hawk surviving due to being out of the village at that moment. The young Stratos finds other villages' survivors and they form a force to oppose the Tycons until the Bird People moves to a new home in Avion.
Stratos faces Tycons

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