Vasser is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Vasser was one of three prospective Rebels from the village of GaleBreath. He tried to convince fellow farmers and peasants Tharren and Barris to rebel against the Evil Horde. But the others were still reluctant to do so, fearing the might and the science of their oppressors. Therefore Vasser invited Adora to come and speak to them about the Great Rebellion.

Unfortunately, the rebelious villagers were unaware that Imp had been spying on them. During their meeting with Adora, Shadow Weaver suddenly appeared in a ring of fire and cast a spell that captured the four humans voices in bubbles. Thanks to help from Bow, who had remained outside to watch, they all managed to escape being captured. When Adora and Bow set off to retrieve the stolen voices from the Fright Zone, Vasser, Tharren and Barris all wanted to join them. But Bow and Adora decided it would be better if the three men remained in GaleBreath with the Twiggets Sprag and Sprint.

When Adora and Bow returned their voices to them, Barris and Tharren immediately agreed with Vasser to join the Great Rebellion.


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