Where Hope Has Gone
Where Hope Has Gone is a Princess of Power minicomic published in 1987.

Plot summary

After being informed that the Evil Horde is on the march, Princess Adora has the feeling that someone close may be in danger, so she transforms into She-Ra and goes to Crystal Castle as she thinks Light Hope could know who is in danger. There, she finds a note where Light Hope says he has left Crystal Castle, and She-Ra thinks he may be the one in danger.

She-Ra drives her Bubble Carriage to seek Light Hope in the Whispering Woods until she finds a woman named Netossa who has just captured a Horde Trooper with her net/cape. She-Ra asks Netossa for help in finding Light Hope, and they find more Horde Troopers coming their way, but a mysterious whirlwind whips right through the Troopers. The "whirlwind" reveals herself as a woman named Spinnerella and joins the party to keep distance from the Troopers before they recover.

Finally, She-Ra and her friends see a hillside open before them, and a voice calls She-Ra. As they enter, they find Light Hope, who left Crystal Castle because the Horde Troopers were after him. He also assures She-Ra that an inner truth guided her to him, to which She-Ra confirms that she followed her heart and it guided her right to him.

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