Wulk is a character from The New Adventures of He-Man.

The New Adventures of He-Man

Wulk was a Myte, and was unusually large for his race. Because he was so different to the others of his kind, Wulk had been made fun of all his life, and lived in isolation in a forest far beyond Velpine City, the city of his people. Wulk also knew the ancient Myte fighting technique. Because of this, he was a strong fighter, and even proved to be a match for He-Man.

When the Galactic Guardians and the Mutants were summoned to take part in 'the Games', the Mytes sought Wulk's help, and hoped he would train the Guardians. However, Wulk instead chose to help Skeletor and the Mutants, as he wanted revenge against the Mytes for their treatment of him.

Skeletor and Wulk planned to trap He-Man, The Guardians, President Pell and General Nifel in the caves of Loom, but their plan was foiled, and Wulk fled with the Mutants.


Wulk only appeared in the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon series.


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