Zagraz is a character from the 1980s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon.


Zagraz is known as the keeper of the comets, considered an expert in those celestial phenomena. The old man makes his lonely home atop Zagraz Mountain, where he continues to study the skies. Zagraz also possesses mystical control over comets, and this power led to his greatest regret; when he attempted to control two sentient comets, he overdid the spell and destroyed one of them, leaving the other comet a seething fount of rage and evil.

Because of this mistake, he sequestered himself away from the world, until contacted by He-Man when Skeletor attempted to harness the power of the evil comet. Despite his lack of faith in himself, Zagraz aided the heroes in creating a new comet that restored the balance and drained the original of its hatred. After this, Zagraz returned to his pursuit with renewed vigor.


The Cosmic Comet

Capture the Comet Keeper

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