Zegone (1)

Zegone is a rhinoceros-like vehicle and totem that Rago and his followers venerate. Rago was angry with Chief Merlo for giving him the task of protecting the Fantos tribe's water supply (which he considered beneath him), so he planned to use Zegone to overthrow Chief Merlo and become the new leader of the tribe.

Zegone was an extremely durable machine with great mobility and destructive power. Even before Rago acquired the Moorfire Stones, it was capable of smashing through a metal gate and the dense plant growth of the Vine Jungle with no resistance whatsoever. It was able to leap high into the air and clear considerable distances despite having tank treads instead of proper legs, and was equipped with a laser cannon capable of destroying a bridge. Once placed in its eye sockets, the Moorfire Stones enabled Zegone to fire beams that could completely disintegrate anything they hit, giving Rago the power he needed to overthrow Chief Merlo. Unfortunately for both Rago and Zegone, He-Man's Power Sword was capable of deflecting the beams, which he aimed at Zegone's legs to render it immobile.


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